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Beartracks is a newsletter for builders of Bob Barrows designed aircraft, including the Bearhawk, Bearhawk Patrol, and Bearhawk LSA. Beartracks is the official publication of R&B Aircraft, now produced by Electronic and print subscriptions are available at Single-year subscriptions are available there. If you prefer automatic renewal, please click on one of the buttons below:

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A Brief History of Beartracks
Back in 1995, Bob Barrows started publishing the Beartracks newsletter. Those early issues contained lots of crucial building information that expanded on the information in the plans. Bob consolidated the pertinent points from 1995 to 2001 into the bound Bearhawk Book that ships with plans sets today. The book is also available for $50 from Bob Barrows directly.

For issues before the middle of 2002, consult the Bearhawk Book or Russ Erb's reference CD. For the second half of 2002 and for 2003, visit to purchase downloadable back issues. Bob says that there weren't any issues in 2004.

Starting in 2005, Mark Goldberg and his associate Justin Brown produced the Beartracks newsletter. They announced recently that 2011 would be their last year. The reasons for this decision included the low number of subscribers and the low number of contributors. Back issues are available as a combined package in electronic form from, or separately from:

Since we would hate to see the newsletter end, we've decided to give it a go. I called Bob Barrows, who said that while he would like to see the newsletter continue, he wasn't going to be able to do it on his own. He said that he would allow us to carry forth with the "Beartracks" name and his endorsement as long as he was able to approve the content before publication. That sounded like a fair arrangement to us, so here we are, in the newsletter business.

We offer a small stipend for contributors of feature articles. If we publish your previously unpublished article in the newsletter, we'll pay you $25 via Paypal. What does "previously unpublished" mean? It means that there is a substantial amount of content that hasn't been available in any other sources, such as the email groups. One example would be a detailed first-flight write-up. While you would have likely announced the first flight, we'll still consider your article to be "previously unpublished" if there is enough new information to provide value to your fellow subscribers. Our goal here is to encourage writers to send fresh content that isn't available anywhere else. The decision of which articles earn the stipend will be ours entirely, but we'll tell you one way or the other up front. We're also glad to run previously-published articles that are especially good, as long as you're willing to donate the articles.

Our quarterly production schedule is as follows:
Issue Articles Due Issues Available
Q1 3/15 4/1
Q2 6/15 7/1
Q3 9/15 10/1
Q4 12/15 1/1
Builders are welcome to submit classified ads for the newsletter, which we will include free of charge.

Since Beartracks is the official newsletter of the Barrows designs, all final editorial decisions for articles and ads rest with Bob Barrows.

We welcome your input and hope that you'll continue to subscribe! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.